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Devon Independent Jaguar servicing


LP Autotech Westcountry Jaguar has a trained eye after nearly a decade of experience and as a result knows where to be look as there are particular areas known where problems may occur. There is no extra expense but a lifetime’s difference.

We carry out a service to the letter of the published scheduled Jaguar manual and beyond. We will save you money through getting it right. Regular reports keep you in touch with your car’s progress and we will always consult you before carrying out any unexpected work- what’s more, both in the workshop and on road tests your car is fully covered by our own fully comprehensive insurance.

See the Jaguar servicing schedules for:

Exeter Jaguar Servicing S Type Servicing
Jaguar servicing Devon 2.5 Litre, 3.0 Litre V6 & 4.2 Litre V8 S-Type
Jaguar servicing Devon Diesel Servicing

Basic Service

10,000 | 20,000 | 30,000

Top grade after the market quality spares either original Jaguar parts or the equivalent without label. You may choose. We choose the highest quality parts
but do not just purchase the name in order to save you money. For major engine parts we always use original Jaguar parts.


Many of the products we use have been chosen using our experience in what is best. For example: 5W-30 semi and fully synthetic oils. This means that we use the best best grades of lubricants.

Low Milage Cars

The cost of annual servicing for low milage cars is normally less as we will do what the vehicle needs- We will help you maintain your wealth.

After Service

Whatever your Jaguar needs, LP Autotech Westcountry Jaguar can help. If you want to buy or sell a car, we are at your service. We can also arrange for all your insurance estimates and coachwork repairs to be carried out. We keep all service records on computer.

Contact LP Autotech Westcountry Jaguar for more information on 01404 597 311.

Servicing & Maintenance Guides

As independent Jaguar servicing experts, we have guides to show you more about the thorough level of service we provide here at LP Autotech Westcountry Jaguar.

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